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Banned RK Music


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"Just wanted to send out a BIG thanks to ya for the members copy of "On The Road 2001" too damn cool!!! I'm not even going to open it... just leave it sealed like that and display it in my office with my other doors memorabilia! Everybody I have shown it to is impressed! great work!
Thanks for such a cool gift!!!"


"I got my cd today, I'm just listening to it, Wow, this cd just rocks! Thank you so much for this gift, it is so damn special! Thank you so very much, that's all I can say dude!

This CD is no longer available.  This is now just a picture of rare a Doors collectors item.  If you were lucky enough to get one, hold on to it.

You are in violation of copyright laws. Bootleggers exist, however, none are so bold as to offer a unauthorized CD on the artists own website, as you have. Profit is not the point, it is the exclusive "right to copy" (that's what copyright means). You have no permission regarding Robby Krieger's, or "The Doors" material. You have no right to use the likeness of Mr. Krieger, or any member of the band in any medium. You must stop the manufacture of your "Robby Krieger Band", ON THE ROAD 2001 immediately. If you continue, you will be prosecuted.