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I think we can all take notes on how to properly deal with a corrupt government.


Are bitchy white women going to be the downfall of the Caucasian race?  We're not going to want to reproduce with these cranky bitchy white American women.


Let's put new prisons along the border.  Kills 2 birds (illegal aliens) with 1 stone.


How the fuck does this happen?   And the Government wonders why they're having trouble recruting?  These brave people risked their lives, most of them didn't have a choice.  And this is how we repay them?  Yet we hand out all kinds of freebies to the poor and lazy?  Let's get these Vets into a comfortable living situation before we help.....(you know who I'm talking about.)


$58,400,000,000 a year spent in California on marijuana!  That's 58.4 billion!  Can't we (the Gov't of CA) monopolize the industry and turn the profits into Free Health Care for California?  Everyone is smoking anyways.  Let's try it for 4 years.  Why not? 


The time is here!  The Republic of California!  The 5th largest economy in the world.  Why do we take shit from a Goverment 3,000 miles away?  We are our own Republic.  We can take care of ourselves.  Let's start The Revolution!

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