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The Lou Adams Show

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Welcome to The Lou Adams ShowBanned on AM.  Banned on FM.  Banned on the Satellite radiowaves.  We're the radio show that has been all but shut down.  We will be podcasting from an undisclosed location deep within the underground of Los Angeles radio.


After being blamed for the graffiti incident in Los Angeles (LOU ADAMS SHOW graffiti was and still is popping up all over Los Angeles)(The best free advertising anywhere) and constant threaets from City Hall and the FCC, we were finally pulled off the air-waves.  Thank you for sticking with us through the tough times.  Thanks for seeking us out after our fall from grace.  The powers that be are trying to keep you from listening.  They're trying to erase all history of "The Lou Adams Show".  Fuck them! 

While most on-air jokes, I mean jocks are growing senile & tired.  While most are are getting fatter and older with every minute that passes by.  While the audience becomes younger, these fossils in the radio business grow more out of touch with reality.  On "The Lou Adams Show" you'll never hear ass kissing directed at advertisers, you'll never hear bullshit paid commercials that sound like their part of the show.  You WILL hear some shit that'll make you piss your pants, soil your drawers, and make you drive into oncoming traffic.  "The Lou Adams Show" IS a news/comedy show unlike any other radio talk show out there.  Comedy for everyone, news and politics for the common man.  Where you don't have to be a Political Science major to join in the conversationNo cheezy promotion here to get girls to flash their goods.  All you have to do is listen....and listen LOUD.  They'll hear ya, and then they'll flash.  If they don't....go look at your mother in the shower.  That should hold you over til' the next show.


Lou Adams (above)

The BEST radio talk show without a home